Teams GBI Eire 2019

Exploring southwest Ireland | 4 days | from 419 € | min. donation 50 €

Ring of Kerry

Teamnumber: 1
Track: 1
Ø speed: 21 km/h
Free seats on team: 6

Languages: English

The main focus is to have fun, see a lot of the lovely nature and cycle with an appropriate speed on each stage.

Healy Pass

Teamnumber: 2
Teamleader: Fragkiskos Vellis
Track: 2
Ø speed: 23 km/h
Free seats on team: 5

Languages: English, Greek

We will be riding the long routes. We will ride in disciplined group, sharing the load of pulling the group and using all the rules of group riding. We will aim for a few short (10 min) stops and a longer (45 min) one (preferably in a nice “foodie pub”) after the ~60-70% of the day’s ride. We will enjoy the ride (riding in a brisk pace) but we will also enjoy the surroundings, the views and the whole GBI experience!

Irish Summer

Teamnumber: 3
Teamleader: Ken Schneider
Track: 2
Ø speed: 25 km/h
Free seats on team: 4

Languages: German, English, Dutch

The main focus is to have fun and see a lot of the lovely nature, but also to cycle with a more ambitious speed and the longer distance than the teams of track 1.
This team is recommended for road bikes, but also other bikes are welcomed.


Teamnumber: 10
Ø speed: 0 km/h
Free seats on team: 8

Registration for GBI Staff only!