Teams GBI Toskana 2018

Roundtrip Tuscany| 4 days | from 399,- € | min. 50,- € funds

Torre Pendente

Teamnumber: 1
Teamleader: Patrick Brüggemann
Track: 1
Ø speed: 23 km/h
Free seats on team: 4

Languages: German, English

The main focus is to have fun, see a lot of the lovely nature and cycle with an appropriate speed on each stage.


Teamnumber: 2
Teamleader: Luca Zaninello
Track: 2
Ø speed: 27 km/h
Free seats on team: 6

Languages: Italian, English

Our goal is to have a lot of fun, enjoying the beauty of the landscape (quite easy in Tuscany), being satisfied in the evening of the miles ridden together. We prefer short stops, depending on the day and the path: in any case I’d like to live an unforgettable experience in this marvellous region.

Chianti Classico

Teamnumber: 3
Teamleader: Guido Weber
Track: 2
Ø speed: 25 km/h
Free seats on team: 1

Languages: German, English

We will choose Track 2 with an ambitious but feasible average speed about 25 km/h (so racing bikes preferred). We having breaks in a regular matter, what means that we don’t plan it but stop if we want (as the result of a democratic decision) to enjoy the landscape, have a beer or whatever. If you want to have a lot of fun within an ambitious team.


Teamnumber: 10
Ø speed: 0 km/h
Free seats on team: 7

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